Artists, reblog this with the program/s you use to art






I use photoshop

Photoshop CS5.


but on sale

and with an additional discount from my art teacher


sai : D

Photoshop CS5



Then again, not an artist.

MyPaint, GIMP, Artweaver, Autodesk Sketchbook Express, openCanvas.

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    Photoshop and sometime Ulead for the effect
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    photoshop CS4
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    Corel Painter XI. I used to use opencanvas.
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    Paint Tool SAI and CS5 for editing and lazy colouring when I’m lazy to even click on the SAI icon.
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    Paint Tool Sai /o/ Occasionally using Paint.NET or Photoshop for text and added effects
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    Paint Tool SAI and sometimes Photoshop CS4 for editing and stuff
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    Paint Tool SAI. I’m going to try to..uhh..adjust to Photoshop Elements 6/CS5 though so I can decorate my art more and...
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    Photoshop CS5
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    Gimp,Photofiltre and openCanvas currently :’D
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    Photoshop, Open Canvas, MS Paint and Tegaki e Mostly Open Canvas though.
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    ACTUALLY… Mypaint,...mspaint. I can’t be assed to by anything. Plus I like this programs...
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    photoshop CS5, GIMP, and paint
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    Photoshop CS5… :) I’d like to try SAI out… maybe not as a permanent change, but, ykno… to test it out haha… XD
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    Paint Tool Sai, Photoshop CS4, and MS Paint
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    photoshop CS5 paint tool sai illustrator CS5 for graphic design fun times GIMP is for losers
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    Photoshop CS5. :D
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    Windows Vista MSPaint, SAI
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    Used to use Photoshop CS4 (I think). Now use GIMP.
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    Photoshop CS5 and Paint Tool SAI~
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    SAI, Photoshop CS5, GIMP, Paint (sometimes, you don’t have your own computer >
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    GIMP 2.0, MS Paint, Manga Studio 4.0, & an old, outdated version of Adobe Photoshop on some occasions…
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    poor man’s photoshop GIMP, MSPaint, OpenCanvas
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    GIMP B)
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    iPad app Inknotes Basic and by next week should have Paint Sai for my pc :)
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    Photoshop Elements 4 ohgodihateitsomuch and Manga Studio Debut 4. I’m seriously considering droppin’ down seventy bucks...
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    I’m on my Tablet Computer (HP TX2000). On my Macs (iMac/MBP)...legally purchased
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    Brushes, Sketchbook Express, Sketchbook Copic Edition, Photoshop CS5. I’d fucking LOVE to own Painter from what I’ve...
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    MS Paint and Photoshop. But I use a pen, an eraser, and paper most of the time. /cries
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    LOL Same! Good old fashioned art tools. :D
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    Photoshop CS5, Photoshop Elements 6, GIMP, and MS Paint
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    Painter XII /forever a Corel
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    0.5 mechanical pencil, eraser, paper, Prisma and Staedtler liners, scanner, and Photoshop CS 4
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    I use photoshop CS4 and a mac hack of SAI (even though I have bought SAI..) That has no pressure sensitivity.
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